Episode 03 – Do the Test

Episode 03 – Do the Test

Our patient conversation this week is with Molly Clayton, who shares her very recent experience of finding – and eventually, being diagnosed with – breast cancer. Molly joins us from an emergency room to talk missed diagnoses, the power imbalance in medicine, and the simple act of just doing the test!

We then chat to Sarah Powell, CEO of cancer charity Pink Hope, for some real talk on the complexity of advocating for patients with cancers that the system largely believes won’t and don’t exist.

March 3 is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day. TNBC is an aggressive breast cancer, more common in young women. TNBC doesn’t share the main ‘drivers’ of other breast cancers, and is therefore not receptive to standard breast cancer treatments.

Another essential conversation. If you are a patient with a story, or a health professional who wants to join our system improvement discussion, please get in touch via our website!

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Guests: Molly Clayton; Sarah Powell @pinkhopeaus
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